What Does Modern Fit Mean in Suits

The suit for decades has remained a modern men’s official outfit. Whether you are attending a business meeting or an interview or just want to stand out in the office by looking sharp – a well fitted modern suit is just what you need to stand out from the competition.

Although, the fundamental features of the suit remain the same with time and technological advancements has lead design changes. These are made to favor the modern man taste and preferences. A modern fit suit is cut trimmer and stitched together with great attention to theelegance of the suit details. The modern men’s suits are made with almost all the excess fabric cut to provide the wearer a sharp, smart, confident suit fit look. The modern fit suit design guarantees a simple. Streamlined and perfectly crafted suit to help the man show his fit body condition.

The FIT:

Today, when buying a suit it is all about the fit! Getting the perfect fit modern suit will make all the difference. A badly fitted can either be too small or too big which can make appear less dressed up.

Modern fit suits features:

The Modern Fit Suit design features fall in between the classic fit suits and the slim fit suits. The Modern Fit Suit is for anyone who would like a suit that is more fashionable and stylish than the classic fit suit and they cannot pull off a slim fit suit.

Modern fit suit jacket:

Modern shoulder line - the jacket has narrower shoulders with slightly higher armholes and sleeve compared to the classic fit suit.

The jacket waist size - The modern fit suit jacket is slightly wider allowing ease of movement and more comfort compared to the slim fit suit jacket.

The jacket length - The length of the Modern Fit Suits jacket is shorter compared to the classic fit suit jacket. This gives the entire suit a more fashion forward look!

Slim lapel – the lapel on Modern Fit Suits jacket is slimmer to give it a more modern look almost similar to the slim fit suit.

The buttons – most modern fit suit today, have the two button style jacket. Note: the top button should always be closed while standing or walking but while seated the jacketed should never be buttoned.

Men's Modern Suits
Modern Fit Suits trousers:

Slim trimmed flat font pants - the trousers for the Modern Fit Suits are slimmer compared to those of the classic fit suit. The trouser has a more modern look with flat front pants.

The trouser length - The trousers are also slightly shorter compared to the classic fit suit’s trousers. Shorter to create a soft crease at the front and should never touch the ground at the back.

classic fit suit’s trousers
Modern suit lapels:

The lapels design has also evolved. Today, men prefer narrower ties thus the width of the modern men’s suits has decreased.

Notch lapel - preferable for official events like business meetings, interviews or work suits. For casual suits, notch lapels should not be used.

Shawl lapels - the shawl lapels are most common in dinner jackets and tuxedos, which are worn at black tie events and weddings.

Peak lapels - the peak lapel is commonly used in single-breasted suits. The peak lapel gives the suit a much sharper look.

Modern suit lapels

changes in fashion trends and personal fashion preferences has changed vents designs on modern fit suits today.

Side vents - the vents are cut on the sides of the jacket thus allows you to put your hands in the pants pocket without the jacket bunching up. The side vents make the jacket look slimmer.

Center vent - the vents is cut in the middle of thejacket. The center vent should lie closed every time the jacket is worn, that is if the jacket size is well fitted.

No Vents - this is a jacket designed without any vent which is fine for anyone looking to have a smooth clean suit look.


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