Men's suits not only changes the way you look but also changes the way you see the world, quotes a new US study. It is true in fact. On conducting the test on series of men with respect to their formal attire, it was found that men who wear suits often felt more powerful, which in turn motivated them to look at things at bigger perspective rather than hanging on minute details. Though there is increasing number of offices encouraging wearing casual clothes to work these days, mens suits have its own significance depending on whether it is to be worn at work, funeral or any other function. The demand for suits still persists in the market and will surely continue to do so.
However, with the availability of different types of mens suits online and offline, you can seamlessly choose the model of your choice depending on the occasion. For which, you must initially be aware of the different types of suits available. Mentioned below are few common types of mens suits
Classic Fit Suits
Classic Suits
In comparison to other models, classic fit suits are easy and comfortable to wear. The less constriction as a result of generous cut through the waist and chest is the feature behind the comfort it offers. However, it sustains a perfect body shape.
Slim Fit Suits
Slim Fit Suits Online
Just like the name suggests, slim fit mens suits is all about fitting closely to the body. It has no room for excess fabric. On the other hand, close fit does not mean its too fit like superhero costume. It fits different body types equally.
Modern Fit Suits
Modern Suits Online
Modern fit mens suits come in between classic fit and slim fit when considering the fit type. It is neither too boxy nor as fit as slim fit models. This is a perfect choice for those who wish to be a bit more fashionable than classic fit but are not ready to try slim fit.
Modern Suits Online
In your suits wardrobe, linen mens suits can be considered synonym for fashionable and comfortable wear. Wearing a linen suit will make you like being covered in fine sheets. They do come in vibrant patterns, colors and variations that go well together and give a vacation feel.
Tuxedo Suits
Tuxedos Online
Among formal mens suits, tuxedo is the ultimate choice leaving other types behind. It is great choice to pick up for the wedding and other such special engagements. This type of mens suits are worn with cummerbund and has tails that extends back of the coat. It gives you ultimate comfort and feels good instantly as and when you wear it on. It is definitely a classic in every men’s wardrobe.
One Button Suits
One Button Suit Online
One button suit is meant to be worn at night outs and other parties but not at all for work. It is usually acceptable at social occasions and mostly recommended for skinny people. While on one button suit, make sure you button it while standing and unbutton it while sitting in order to prevent it from draping in an unflattering manner.
Two Button Suits
Two Button Suits Online
Among different models of mens suits available, two button models is considered to be the classic one because of it’s never to go out fashion standard. Though these types of mens suits look good on all every body type, men with shorter torsos will be at their best on this model.
Three Button Suits
Three Button Suits Online
Three button suits are quite common in the business world with taller men showing more interest over it in comparison to the others. Three buttons higher up the coat gives a flattering appeal on the tall body types. At the same time, it will definitely be a safe pick as it never goes out of style. While in a three button suit make sure you don’t fasten the entire three buttons as they look awkward. Buttoning only the middle one or buttoning the upper two buttons and leaving the last one open are the usual ways to wear it.
Now that you have an idea of the types of mens suits available, you next need to consider the most crucial factor – YOUR BODY TYPE. This is indeed very crucial in order to pick the model that flatters your body. Not to worry! We are here to help you out. To start with your body type if its:
Short Body
Short Body Suits Online
a) Patterns
If yours is a short body, going for slim fit suits with two button jacket will be a great idea. At the same time, the jacket must end 5 to 6 inches below you hip. This makes you look taller. Considering the patterns, never go for louder ones as they draw attention to a rather smaller frame making you look too short than you actually are. Mens suits with vertical stripes will be right option as they lengthen the frame. As a result, it makes shorter men look taller.
b) One or Two Buttons With Double Vents
Go for jackets with either one or two buttons as they give you some length. With respect to the vents, mens suits with double vents emphasize a longer silhouette that lengthens your frame further. At the same time, they are stylish as well.
Stocky Body
Stocky Body Suits Online
a) Lightweight fabrics
Men with a heavy upper body are recommended to go for slenderizing fitted suits. Soft, worsted wools are a great choice among the type of fabric as heavy fabrics on the other hand make you look heftier than you are.
b) Dark Colors
Dark colors are always slimming. Wearing monochromatic outfit that is, same color from top to bottom makes you look visually slender and more taller rather than cutting down wait and drawing attention towards the belly. Black and dark navy colors will your perfect choice.
c) Patterns
Solid patterns are always the first choice for men with heft body. At the same time, never go for mens suits with loud patterns as they will act against you for sure. If you wish to go for something beyond solid, prefer vertical strips as they can make your body look elongated. You can proceed for innocuous and tiny patterns as well but with caution.
d) Single Vent Jacket
Vents on the back of your jackets give extra room for movement. For a hefty body slits can the back side accentuate their back portion which may not be appealing. So, going for single vent jacket will be a great option as they give you extra room without compromising on your looks.
Tall And Skinny
Tall and Skinny Suits Online

a) Heavy Fabric
Hefty fabric mens suits is usually recommended for men with skinny and tall body type as it adds additional weight and proportion to their body. Light fabric hang on their shoulders making them look leaner. So, look for heavier weight worsted wool.
b) Light Colors
Light colored fabrics make things look bulky which can be used in your advantage. Never go with dark colored or pinstriped suits as they make you look frailer.
c) Single or No Vent
Tall and skinny men usually do not need too much of jacket space for movement. So, it is recommended to prefer single vent or no vent jackets. This gives the tall men a look like they have comparatively fuller rear rather than skinny look. Now that you are aware of different types of mens suits and the one to be opted depending on your body type, the next step to take the right measurements. Exact measurement is a must in order to own a sharply-tailored suit. Here is how you can do it:
Chest Suits Online

To get the exact measurement of the chest, keep the measuring tape parallel to the fullest part of the chest. Make sure you hold the tape straight and tight.
Jacket Length
Jackets Online

Measuring your jacket starts from the back of the neck exactly where your shirt collar would land that is down the hemline. The ending of the jacket measurement depends on whether you opt for short, medium or lengthy jacket and also on the suit style as well.
Sleeve Length
Sleeve Length Suits

Measurement of your sleeve length starts from the point where the shoulder seam meets the top of the arm and measurement ends at the point down the edge of the cuff. In this case also make sure you hold the tape tight and straight.
Shoulder Width
Shoulder Width Suits

Shoulder width is the distance between your shoulder arms along the back keeping the tape straight and flat. To ensure precise fit, take measurement from the outermost part of the shoulders.
Inside Leg
Leg Suits Online

To measure the inside leg, you need to place the tape the highest point of your crotch and then hold the tape straight and flat down till the ankle one.
Mens Suits Prices Online

To measure the waist line, hold the tape below your naval and drape it round your natural trouser line. By now, you are aware of all the factors necessary to be updated before buying a bespoke fit suit. When it comes to the purchase, you can either buy mens suits online or from offline store as per your convenience. However, buying suits online has many benefits over offline shopping. Some of them are listed below:
Affordable Prices
Mens Suits best prices

Earlier custom suits were afforded only by men of elite class. But, with the arrival online shopping stores, custom clothing is now reachable to everyone. You are free to pick mens suits of your desired color, cut and design all at an affordable price. In online shopping you even come across discounts every now and then unlike offline store that comes up with discounts only during festive seasons.
Pick Your Choice
Tuxedos Online

Unlike offline stores which have limitations in stocking up and displaying different models of mens suits, online stores display and sell vast collection suits including the trending model in the market including the trending model in the market. You can even find websites that give you the freedom to choose and customize your suit right from the start to finish. Customization includes selection of desired fabric, color, design, monogram, fit and other related specifications. The added advantage is that all these features fall within your budget.
Save Time And Money
Save Money on Suits Shopping

You can even save your money by cutting down the need of burning furl driving to store in case of purchasing from an offline stores. At the same, you can save your time as well. You just need to use your fingertip, sit back and relax while making selection out of the best collection of mens suits online. You get the opportunity to see the collections of suits of over 10 online stores in an hour unlike one store per hour in case of brick and mortar store.
Price Comparison
Mens Suits Online at best price

Through online of mens suits, you get the opportunity to compare prices between stores and then make the right selection comparing the quality and rice right by bring at the comfort of your home. You can even go through the reviews and rating to decide on the quality of the suit that you are yet to purchase. As a result, it allows you make a wise decision.
No Compulsion
Mens Suits Online Shopping

In online shopping, no one compels you buy the suit that you do not really need. In offline stores, shop keepers pressurize you to make the purchase. At times, you end up heading home with suit that which is not of your choice. In online shopping of mens suits, you will not have to make such compromises. There are number of websites available to for you browse through until you find the suit of your choice.
However, finally it’s all up to you to decide on where to get you new suit designed from. Hope the basic details mentioned above have helped you in making the purchase of your new suits seamless. Things will get easy one after other purchase. In case if you are going to purchase suit for the first time, do consider the points that we shared. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin shopping!