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If Fashion Is Your Question, Dkny Suits Is Your Solution...

"For me, designing is an expression of who I am as a woman, with all the complications, feelings and emotions."- Donna Karan.


Almost everyone has heard of the world renowned fashion brand DKNY (Donna Karan New York). DKNY is a New York City-based, internationally known company, headed by designer Donna Karan. Started independently in 1989, this respected fashion stalwart has been part of the great luxury goods empire of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) since 2001. Karan says that New York is on the label because it sets pace, the attitude. She saw that many men in her life, starting with her husband, also needed a sophisticated system of dressing. Considering Karan's father was a custom tailor, a menswear collection was expected, and it was founded in 1992. Since men cannot live by double face wool suits alone, DKNY Men emerged a year later in answer to his casual, sport side, which then beget its own dress shirt and tailored clothing collections. DKNY suits are well fitted to men who want an affordable, suit that fits in at the office but is also versatile enough for a night out at the clubs. DKNY suits are comfortable, refined clothing that made men look good, and shying away from bizarre, jaw-dropping fashions and tacky frills. DKNY suits features a single breasted, two-button front jacket with a notched lapel designed with a gray wool construction and a narrow stripe.

If you want to leave an impression to the people you bump into, keep in mind to pick DKNY suits to be your style. DKNY suits give you the confidence and help you express your being. DKNY suits give your personality a splendid touch. The DKNY man is always on the go. He’s active -- even if it's just running for a taxi or running to work. DKNY suits complement and reflect a man’s lifestyle. DKNY suits offer a fashionable suit which gives affordable price and pleasure. DKNY suits are bizarre on many levels. The cut, fabric and quality are superb. The fit is comfortable and the suit itself is an impressive piece. When it comes to quality, design, and value, picks the DKNY mens suits and you will never regret buying their suits. DKNY is primarily a fashion label, with a focus on design trends and a young, professional vibe. It create suits of fine quality with a unique flair and personality all their own. Fashionable and cheeky are the characteristics of DKNY men’s suits. It is one of the sleekest suits you can buy, the lapels are placed appropriately, the pants are not pleated, and jacket length is perfect. If you’re in the market for a suit with design appeal at a mid-range price, this is the sum total for you. Expect to spend in the neighborhood of $500 for a jacket and >dress pants. If you need a tie and dress shirts, tack on another $100. 


Lastly, DKNY suits provide an up-to- date styles of suits in today’s generation which seduce all the senses of a consumer. And because it’s designed by a woman, rest assured that this suit will be applauded by girlfriend, wife, and/or date. If you need a power suit, here are DKNY suits.


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