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Cashmere Tuxedos For a Dash of Flair and Elegance

One shouldn’t take his looks for granted. If you’re going to a party where everyone is dressed to kill then you shouldn’t let yourself be left behind. You have to pick out the best out of the best tuxedos that you have in your inventory. Now, it is certain that everyone else in that party are going to be dressed in their best tuxedos as well, so you have to be very picky about this one. You must stand out among the rest or, at least, be able to stand next to the other men in tuxedos and still hold your own against them.


Now, there are times that you would want to buy new tuxedos because you think you’ve used your existing ones a lot more often that you’re comfortable with. If you’re wearing the same tuxedos to every party, then you’re going to be taken as someone who is not keeping up with a fashion statement. If you want to look your best, you have to take on a different look every time. If you’re out shopping for new tuxedos, then you should think about buying a cashmere tuxedo for a change.


What is Cashmere?


Before you start shopping for cashmere tuxedos, maybe it’s best that you did a bit of research into the fabric so you’ll know why it is preferred and what advantages it has for you. Now, cashmere is a hair fiber: they are taken from wild goats in the Indian State of Kashmir. As these goats pass through the State on their way to pastures beyond, they shed off fiber from their fibers as their visit coincides with their shedding season. They are then collected by weavers and woven into the fabric that you know within the fashion circle, particularly in tuxedos.


Why Cashmere?


First off, you should be aware that cashmere or kashmir is considered the fabric that is deserving to be worn only by Kings of old. This means that, when you wear cashmere tuxedos, you are decking yourself out with the wardrobe of royalty. Now that’s a great though isn’t it? It’s like being part of the elite, and your friends will surely recognize cashmere for what it is when you’re wearing tuxedos made of that fabric.


You’ll be surprised when you find out what or who were wearing cashmere throughout history. For one, the Bible refers to cashmere as the fabric that makes up the covering for the Ark of the Covenant. Cashmere shawls were also the craze in the English elite during the reign of Queen Victoria.


So why do people love cashmere? It’s because the material is very lightweight, and highly comfortable. It has a thick overcoat over an otherwise finely-woven undergarment. It is able to insulate you from the outside weather but still keep you comfortable inside. It’s not bulky or heavy, so it’s not a burden to wear cashmere tuxedos every time. That, and the fact that it was once reserved only to the most sophisticated circles of society, will make you want to add cashmere into your toxedo wardrobe.