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A Silk Grey Suit Should Do the Job

If you’re confused on what to wear to a formal occasion, you should pick a silk grey suit instead. There are plenty of advantages and reasons a silk grey suit should do the job for you.Let us look at this and see why a silk grey suit should do the job for you when you’re at a loss on what you want to wear to a formal occasion.


Silk is Highly Comfortable


If there’s one word that describes silk, it’s “comfortable.” It’s very soft to the skin, then it has an excellent temperature regulating capability. You don’t have to worry about the humidity or the temperature of the venue of the event you are attending. If it’s cold, silk will keep you warm. If it’s too humid, then your silk grey suit apparently will provide you with coolness and, by extension, comfort. It is capable of regulating the body’s temperature in response to outside conditions, and it’s a natural capability.


Silk is also very hypoallergenic. Some fabrics could irritate certain types of skin, but a silk grey suit is ideal for all types of skin. You can wear it without worrying about having to suffer itchiness and skin irritation. Plus, it is also resistant to dust and does not attract organisms like fungus and mites: silk is thought to be a by-product of a silkworm cocoon, which protects the animal from outside threats.


Last but not the least, silk is highly breathable. While regulating your temperature, it also allows your body to release heat and not retain it inside so you don’t suffer from heat stroke.


Silk is a Durable Fabric


Don’t be confused by the soft and delicate nature of the fabric. Silk is very durable. A silk grey suit can last you a very long time, giving you good value in return for your money when you bought it. The fabric can actually be hard as steel when it comes to endurance against extreme tension. You can stretch the fabric to its utmost and yet it will not be damaged that easily. A silk grey suit can be as tight or as loose as you want it to be: tension is not a problem for the fabric.


Silk Has Excellent Moisture Retention


Silk is known for its ability to retain moisture without being uncomfortable. It can absorb sweat effectively.  Dampness is not an issue as well. Silk has to absorb moisture that is equal to 30% of its total weight before it can start feeling icky against your skin. If you’re in a country with a tropical climate of some sorts, a silk grey suit is indeed very ideal for you. And that’s just one reason why you should buy a silk grey suit.


If this doesn’t convince you that wearing a grey suit made of silk is not the answer to your current dilemma, then nothing will. You shouldn’t have second thoughts about adding a suit made of silk into your wardrobe: it will perhaps be one of the best decisions you’ll make, wardrobe-wise.