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The Business Fitted Suit

Regardless if your gender, everyone should have a great business fitted suits included their wardrobe since most of the establishments and business today require them because of company dress codes and fitted suits are usually what is required. A primary reason for this is that formally dressed employees attract more clients and therefore earning the company more money in the process.


Business fitted suits meant for the male traditionally consists of a jacket, pants to match the jacket, and a dress shirt. While there are many different ways a man can go when picking out business fitted suits , a jacket, pants and dress shirt is the fundamental foundation for what most businesses will allow. Include khaki, navy blue, dark or light grey and black are traditional colors you can choose from.

There was once a time when black was considered to be a little to formal for businesses but that is not over since in modern times it has become quite a popular color for business fitted suits.


There are some differences for a woman’s fitted suits, being composed of a jacket, matching pants or a skirt if preferred, and a blouse. The majority of dress codes prefer skirts over pants though; usually that is just a preference because a skirt conveys a higher sense of professionalism, pants are typically acceptable as well. Men might not be able to wear the more vibrant colors, but women can go with a purple fitted suit or others.


The fitted suit is not the only thing that is important, choosing the accessories that go with is quite an important factor as well. Take for example, the dress shirt, which regardless of the season should be buttoned up and long sleeved. The blouse on a woman's business suit can typically be just about anything so long as the professionalism is still existent. In today's modern society, ties are usually not required of employees, but a tie will also add a bit more or a professional touch to your attire. Men should wear either cordovan shoes or leather slip on shoes, accompanied by with black, mid-calf socks. The belt should match the color of your shoes. Woman can wear just about any type of shoe, but try to keep the professional look in mind; the important thing is that you should be able to walk comfortably in said shoes.


All the information you have read so far will help you look both luxurious and dashingly professional in you fitted suit. There are a few other things you can follow to add to your professionalism, such as keeping the jewelry at a minimal. A formal dress will help you become an asset to whichever business you are currently working at and if you work hard enough, it may just help get you a promotion because your boss will see how sincere you take your job. So what are waiting for? Go search for that perfect fitted suit!