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The right way to wear plaid suits

Plaid suits

Plaid suits are quite a classic, though it is quite old-school, it has gotten some new twists and are fast becoming popular with the new generation of snappy dressed men. Due to the efforts of fantastic and visionary men, the plaid suits have gotten a design overhaul. Though still keeping all the essentials that made it quite a classic and traditional and  updating it to suit the modern mans' needs. When in plaid suits, like all articles of clothing, no matter how great the suit is, if it does not fit your body type and is not in harmony with the wearer, then it would simply fail to achieve what it was supposed to achieve. In order to pull it off, you must be armed with proper knowledge. So we're going to talk about how to look good in plaid suits.


Just what are plaid suits?  In plain speak, the term “plaid” refers to refers to three individual fabric patterns that create interesting depth in the aesthetic of the suit: windowpane, glen plaid and Prince of Wales. The windowpane suit has both horizontal and vertical pinstripes that intersect to make boxes; the glen plaid is a tight twill pattern of broken checks; and the Prince of Wales is actually a glen plaid on a windowpane scale.


plaid suits are a perfect choice for wearing on a workday, you can never go wrong with this decision. It has a dapper, alt-executive demeanor that pulls a 180 on the solid suit: It has a modish appeal that makes a solid seem outmoded and dull. Plaid suits owns typical style and distinguished versatility. The  separate parts of the suit can easily be worn individually on other occasions as long as it is in harmony with the other articles of clothing. If you want to look stylish and sophisticated, the pattern on the plaid suits must be subtle and classy.  If you want a more trendy look, then you can go for a bold pattern. One of the main factors is that the suit should fit your body type comfortably that you can move around in it and not feel awkward or exert much energy doing so.



There are three ways you can wear plaid suits.


Windowpane: Here the pattern is straight and what you see is what you get. So, a great decision is to go “two for three” with patterns. Those with more fashion sense can probably pull together three patterns with a fair amount of ease though.


Glen Plaid: The pattern in a glen plaid is much more subdued; you can always play it safe by wearing a solid shirt and a patterned tie or you can experiment with three patterns: Consider a striped or lightly checked shirt with a patterned tie.


Prince of Wales: The complex plaid suits patterning and bolder lines running through a Prince of Wales plaid are more noticeable. The smart choice is always playing it safe: Go with the solid shirt and the patterned tie. Let the suit speak for itself in this instance.