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Wool Suits: Comfort and Elegance

Wool Suits

It’s one thing to appear elegant, and it’s another thing to be actually comfortable with what you’re wearing. Sometimes they don’t come hand in hand. Some T-shirts, for instance, look so beautiful but when you’re wearing them, they suddenly feel uncomfortable because of the material that they were made with. Not so with wool suits. These are some of the best suits out there for men.


Comfort and Elegance in One


Wool suits are some of the most elegant suits that you can make part of your wardrobe. The material has been around for some time. It has even been around in Biblical times, in the case of the cashmere wool. Wool suits may be a bit pricey but there are a lot of things that you could enjoy out of these suits. You could infer that it’s a kind of an investment by itself. You’re putting money into a suit that not only lets you look professional and in serious business;  wool suits also give you that comfort that you are naturally looking for in suits and in any article of clothing in general.




When you wear wool suits, you are certain to be comfortable because of its breathability. This means that the material lets your skin “breathe.” In heavy clothing, you find yourself hyperventilating because your skin cannot breathe: it cannot let out perspiration hence forcing the body to keep the heat to itself. That’s a leading cause of heat stroke. However, you don’t have to worry about that when you’re wearing suits made of wool. Wool suits are highly breathable and does not trap heat and perspiration inside your body.


It has an excellent insulating capabilities as well, perhaps because of its breathability. They can be relied on whatever the climate may be. It keeps you cool when you’re in hot places, and it keeps you warm when the climate is cold and frigid. A very handy piece of clothing to put on your body, if you ask me.


Where Does Wool Come From?


To better understand the capabilities of wool, you’d have to know where they came from. Let us look at one type of wool, for example, the cashmere wool. Cashmere (or Kashmir, after the Indian State where the material was first made) is made from the coats shed by mountain goats. These animals are very sturdy: they can withstand any season in the wild without a problem. That is all thanks to their cashmere or wool coats. They are able to shield the goats from the harsh weather conditions that they are subjected to everyday of their lives.


So you see how superior wool suits really are. Wool suits have a proven track record in the lives of the mountain goats. The fabric brings that same advantage to you when you are wearing wool suits. Most meetings take place in air-conditioned rooms: you can count on wool suits to keep you warm despite the coolness of the room, especially when somebody hiked up the temperature because he is feeling too warm.