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So you want to buy a blue pinstripe suit?

Blue Pinstripe Suits

The blue pinstripe suit has been a mainstay in corporate and business attire for such a long time that it has already become one of the traditional attire for businessmen.


The blue pinstripe suit can suit any man, but it is not really for those who are cautious and it is the uniform of the urban professional who would do the essence of the blue pinstripe suit justice.

A blue pinstripe suit create a savvy, sartorial image that men in power, men with money, and men who are about to have both can use to set themselves apart not just from their one-dimensional staff but from the rest of the breathing, overtime-rendering masses.


If you're short, stocky, or both, the the blue pinstripe suit  is definitely. Nothing could be more perfect for you. The stripes create a lengthening, elongating effect that will - literally - stretch you, making you appear taller and thinner than you really are. If you're lanky, however, and thin as a reed, you will have to discard both the suit and all hopes of wearing it. The pinstripe would only make you look like a piece of stick wearing clothing.


The blue pinstripe suit was used to be . It was shunned by the elite and the discriminating because it was heavily associated with 9 to 5 wear, with drudgery, and uppity banker standing. But people and standards have changed Today, the blue pinstripe suit  has become the dapper suit of choice for urban professionals. It can be worn to sales calls, premieres, and business meetings.


But like all fashion styles, the blue pinstripe suit  is not without it's limitations As powerful a fashion statement as it might make, it is still not befitting for casual or ultra-formal wear. This means there are two places you should never take your tie to: a black-tie only affair and the country club.


The blue pinstripe suit of today have become meaner, leaner, and more versatile. They can easily be worn on a lot of different occasions and not just the office because of the wide range  of possibilities you can do with it. Its the transitioning that you should pay close attention to though.


If it's elegance you're after, then French cuffs, cuff links, and a contrast collar are for you. All three are well-defined style elements that give the suit refinement.


If it's modern you want to channel, give your suit a more up-to-date take. A thickly knotted tie would look amazing on a spread collar because it increases the striking, bold look that is inherent in your suit.


If your target is too look more sophisticated, go complementary or a monochromatic color scheme. Pick a tie that plays off and plays out the color of the suit's stripes. The resulting harmony in color will give your suit a very, very dashing pulled-together look.


Armed with this information, you can now confidently buy yourself a blue pinstripe suit  that will fit your body type and look your best.