Men's Trim Fit Suits

Trim Fit suits: Today slim is the new in when it comes men’s suits. Trim men’s suits are designed with all the excess fabric cut and the suit is cut to the exact body measurements thus gives any man wearing a trim fit suit a more modern and elegant look. The trim fit suit is designed to flatter the man’s best body features. The trim men’s suits work particular well for men with leanly built body types, however, any man can look good in a trim fit suit, and they just have to get their measurement right.

Men's Trim Fit Suits

What to consider when buying a trim fit?
Take accurate body measurements

To buy the best possible trim suit fit, it is important to have all your body measures taken correctly. This is mainly because trim fit suits leave alight or no roomfor size adjustment especially if you end up buying a smaller trim fit suit. Measurements should be taken often if it is possible every time you need to buy a new trim fit suit.

How to measure yourself

All you need is a tape measure. You can comfortably take your body measurements with just the help of one person at home. Then buy a trim fit suit online at

To ensure you get the suit fit right, you need to get correct measurements for:

The trim suit jacket

i. The shoulders – The shoulders should be measured up to the point when the arm and the shoulder connect. This will help you avoid buying a smaller jacket that will appear uncomfortable when worn or a bigger jacket that will hang loosely on your shoulders.

ii. Jacket sleeve length – The jacket sleeve length should be long enough to cover at least 2 to 3 inches of the cuff. Any jacket where the length is above the cuff is too short and if it covers the entire cuff it is too long.

iii. Jacket body length – The correct fit should cover the waist and the length should not be too long that you have problems pocketing.

iv. Waist – The waist measurement ensures you get a jacket that easily closed and open with appearing strained/too tight for smaller jackets or loosely closed meaning it’s a size bigger.

Men's Trim Fit Suits
The trim suit trouser

Although the design of the trouser is largely determined by your taste and preference. The size of the hips and the thigh width should be measured to be wide enough to be comfortable to walk in without appearing to be too tight or too loose.

The correct trouser length should sit nicely on top of the shoes, creating a soft crease at the front and should never touch the ground at the back.

The required trouser measurements

Men's Trim Fit Suits

The occasion and the weather conditions should help you decide on the fabric for the trim fit suit. Cotton, wool, and linen are some of the most common suit fabrics.

Cotton & wool

Cotton & wool are definitely the most popular suit fabric choice. This is mainly because cotton & wool are naturally breathable fabrics (i.e. it is able to keep you warm on cold days and keeps you cool on warm days).

Men's Trim Fit Suits
Men's Trim Fit Suits

Linen is a lightweight fabric which makes it the perfect summer suit fabric. The linen fabric will keep you cool throughout the summer hot weather. However, the linen suit is known to stain and crease easily plus linen is an expensive fabric.

Men's Trim Fit Suits
Suit Color

The color of the trim fit suit should be determined by the occasion the suit is to be worn at. For official trim fit suits go with navy, blue, and gray or black. For casual occasions and events,buy a trim fit suit of either tan/khaki or brightly colored suits.

Men's Trim Fit Suits
Shoe color

You need to ensure you wear the correct color of shoes to compliment your trim fit suit. Miss-matching the shoe color with the suit color will take away the elegant look.

For navy blue suits - wear either black, brown or red shoe.

Medium and light gray suits - wear either black, brown or red shoe.

Brown suits - wear brown or red shoes and never wear black shoes.

Charcoal gray suits - wear black or burgundy shoes, never wear brown shoes.

Black suits - should only be worn with black’s shoes.

Men's Trim Fit Suits

Where do you buy the best trim fit suits?

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