• Stay Away from Baggy or Saggy pants

Pants that are either too big or too saggy might be appropriate streetwear in some circumstances, but should be avoided if you are going for a polished look; especially if you want to impress someone.


  • Wearing Wrinkled Clothing

Looking like you’ve slept in your clothing is neither fashionable nor a very mature look. Not to mention that wrinkled clothing is considered inappropriate when it comes to office wear and will certainly not create a positive impression with your date. Taking a few minutes to iron or steam your clothing before going out will make big difference in your look.


  • Growing a Beard

Beards are not only currently trendy, but they also offer a mature look. However, having an unruly beard can quickly turn your look upsidedown. If you wish to wear a beard, just remember to keep it well groomed and trimmed.

  • Everything Shiny

Iridescent shirts along with shiny suits can look loud and at the same time cheap. Some men tend to associate sheen with evening wear, but evening wear usually means lush fabric choices such as fine wool, linen, cashmere or leather which offer much more of a polished and opulent statement.


  • One Pattern at a Time

When selecting patterns, remember to choose only one pattern at a time. You might want to wear green plaid shorts paired with a red plaid shirt, but avoid remembering that overdoing it with patterns will create an eyesore more so than a stylish look.


  • Overdose of Designer Labels

Both men and women are guilty of letting the label wear them rather than the other way round. Many think that wearing a visible designer label shows off status and style, but wearing showy designer pieces from head to toe won’t further your fashion style. Your best bet is to stick to designer clothing with subtle logos and labels.

Consider these suggestions the next time you’re in a pinch for some quick fashion tips.