• Button-down Shirts

Button-down shirts are universally accepted as professional wear. Yet, that doesn’t mean they need to be paired with a suit and tie on all occasions. For business casual situations, button-down shirts can be worn without a tie and with the top button, or two, unbuttoned. You can also stray away from the formal crisp white dress shirt and venture into the realm of more casual looking button-downs to suit your business casual needs. Explore varied color selections and designs to find what best suits your style.


  • Pants

As far as the mens pants are concerned, there are two key elements to remember: proper fit and length. Your pants should be long enough to hit your ankles at an appropriate length. Khaki and dark colored pants are acceptable as long as they are neat and pressed properly.


  • Blazers

Blazers, or suit coats,can be worn with khakis and other dark colored pants. Wearing blazers casual coat as business casual attire is often seen a comfortable and less formal alternative to a suit.


  • Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a great alternative to button-down shirts, especially in a business casual environment. When going for a look with a polo shirt, make sure the shirt itself is free from any visibly flashy logos and design symbols. Instead, opt for ones with smaller, less brazen, logos. As for colors, stick to work appropriate color palates that still allow you the freedom to feel comfortable.

With most professional workspaces adopting a more business casual dress code, the guidelines above should help you when picking out an outfit to wear to work that isn’t your typical suit and tie.